The Combinatorics Consortium

An organization for the promotion of conferences and publication of diamond open access journals in combinatorics.

 The journals for which we are currently the Publisher or Sponsoring Organization:

Combinatorial Theory


Algebraic Combinatorics

Conferences we have helped support:

ECCO 2022

FPSAC 2023

DIAS 2023

The Many Combinatorial Legacies of Richard P. Stanley - June 3-7, 2024

ECCO 2024 - June 17-24, 2024

FPSAC 2024 - July 22-26, 2024


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 Trustees: Sara Billey (President), Vic Reiner (Treasurer), Volkmar Welker (Vice President), Mike Zabrocki (Secretary)

The Combinatorics Consortium would like to thank its partner organizations: